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        DHT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
        Service Hotline 0512-65462228

        ABOUT US Ttalent cultivation and performance oriented

        DHT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

        Seek benefit by management, seek development by science and technology

        DHT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise founded in 1997 located in Suzhou city with a covered area 10000 M2, registered capital USD 6 million and 155 employees. We are specializing in the production and sale of electronic heatsink, Aluminium profiles, Aluminium machining parts and printed circuit board(from a subsidiary company)....

        Products Specializing in the production and sales of electronic radiators, circuit boards

        RecommendProducts Industrialization, scale and internationalization

        Classification PRODUCT CENTER

        24-hour hotline 0512-65462228

        Your needs are our goal

        Consultation hotline: 0512-65462228

        WhyChooseUs Trust comes from quality


        20 years of experience

        Deep understanding of product characteristics and process
        Established in 1997: Suzhou difiter electronic drama Co., Ltd
        Specializing in PCB and electronic radiator


        Perfect management system

        2009 ISO9001
        2013 ISO14001
        Enterprise safety production standardization in 2019 (Level 3)
        Iaif16949 financing in 2019


        Strict import and export system

        Control the product quality strictly according to the process requirements
        from feeding to finished products


        Logistics convenience

        Delivery trip about 0.5 hours
        Surface treatment suppliers - 4
        Profile suppliers - 8

        CooperationPartner Customer demand oriented


        DHT Electronic Technology Co., Ltd

        Customer oriented, providing high quality products

        Service hotline 0512-65462228

        Servicehotline Welcome to our company